My Action Vita

BA (Hons) Screen Acting Marjon University 

Taking my career to the next level, I wanted to have an English Completion to get myself ready for the International Filmmaking Industry. 
Accordingly I got to be part in over 10 short films as a leading role.

In Between

To gain more knowledge on how a film is actually made I assisted in every department in a few film productions. It trained me to become a more efficient actor who plays into the hands of everybody. 

Acting School Saarbrücken

The Film Fight- and Camera Acting Workshop totally got me. This year really lit my fire. From then on I knew that I will be a Screen Actor. 

A-Levels Burggymnasium Kaiserslautern

Here's where it all started. I chose "Performing Arts". Thereafter a spark was ignited in my heart. As I graduated I wanted to go deeper into acting.

A-Levels with Performing Arts (Darstellendes Spiel)

Certificate Acting School